Towards Goal-Oriented Analysis and Redesign of BPMN Models

Towards Goal-Oriented Analysis and Redesign of BPMN Models

Christophe Ponsard and Robert Darimont, Towards Goal-Oriented Analysis and Redesign of BPMN Models, 7th International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development, Prague, 20-22 february 2019

Date: 20 février 2019

Publication: Publications scientifiques 

A propos du projet: PRIMa-Q 

The Business Process Management lifecycle involves identifying, analysing and evolving the design of an organisation’s tasks. Modelling plays a key role in those activities to capture the processes but also the related goals representing the rationale behind them. While some mappings have been defined between such models, they lack guidelines to support analysis or (re)design activities in order to improve processes in an evolving organisation. The purpose of this paper is to propose a two-staged guidance : (1) a lightweight approach leaving the goal model implicit but using goal reasoning techniques ; and (2) an heavier approach where an explicit goal model is explicitly built and mapped to support the redesign process. Our work is experimented on a running case study inspired from a logistics system. Although still in progress, we were able to uncover interesting problems and to suggest relevant redesigns

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