Séminaire de recherche UMONS sur l’évolution des logiciels Open Source

Mathieu Goeminne présente ses travaux sur les projets Open Source en Java à SOS-EVOL 2016, Séminaire de recherche UMONS sur l’évolution des logiciels Open Source, organisé le 4 juillet 2016 à Mons

Date: 4 juillet 2016

Evènement: Interventions CETIC 

Domaine: Secteur numérique 

Contact : Stéphane Mouton

Le laboratoire de software engineering, dirigé par le Professeur Tom Mens, organise un séminaire d’une demi-journée sur l’évolution de la recherche sur les logiciels open source pour célébrer la défense publique de la thèse de Maelick Claes.

L’accès est libre mais nécessite l’inscription préalable à l’adresse donnée ci-dessus.

Le séminaire, soutenu par l’Institut de Recherche INFORTECH de l’UMons, se déroule le 4 juillet 2016 de 13h à 18h dans la salle 020 du bâtiment Vésale au campus des Sciences (Avenue du Champ de Mars) de l’Université de Mons.


13h15 : Mathieu Goeminne (CETIC, Belgium) : “On the Use and Interaction of Database Technologies in Open Source Java Projects"
Abstract : Numerous current-day software systems rely on a relational database for creating, editing, managing and persisting data. To do so, they rely on embedded SQL queries or object-relational mappings (ORM) to associate source code entities to database concepts. We present results of a large-scale empirical analysis of how popular database technologies co-exist and change over time in open source Java projects.

14h : Gregorio Robles (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, Spain) "On the Use of UML in Free/Libre/Open Source Software"
Abstract : The Unified Modelling Language is taught in almost any university-level software engineering course around the world. It is reported that around 30-40% of the companies use the UML. In open source projects, however, it is seldom used. In this talk, I present our research on the quest for UML files in several million projects hosted in GitHub. I provide some insight on our mining, analysis and the results that we have obtained.

14h45 : Roberto Di Cosmo (University of Paris Diderot, France) "Software Heritage, building the universal software archive"
Abstract : From ten years of working on analysing the characteristics of large open source software repositories, we draw some lessons on the key properties we need for this kind of large scale studies. This led us to launching Software Heritage, the most ambitions project to date to build a universal source code software knowledge base. I provide a brief overview of the project and its basic design principles, and unveil the collaboration infrastructure that is open for contribution.

15h30 : Short break

16h : Maelick Claes (University of Mons, Belgium) - public PhD defense
"Maintainability Issues in Open Source Component-based Software Ecosystems"
Abstract : Open source software ecosystems consist of a large number of
interconnected software components. Component management software keeps track of the relations between these components, and helps both users and developers dealing with component dependencies and conflicts. Nevertheless, maintainability issues, such as backward-incompatible component updates, remain inevitable. In my thesis I aim to understand how dependency relations between software components maintained by different people impact software maintainability issues. By understanding how constraints between components can detect, prevent or reduce these issues, tools can be built to support maintainer and user communities of component-based ecosystems and distributions. All of this is investigated using the Debian and R ecosystem as a case study.

17h30 : Reception

For any questions or further information, feel free to contact
Tom Mens (
Service de Génie Logiciel, Université de Mons
Avenue du Champ de Mars 6, 7000 Mons

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