OpenSym 2016

OpenSym 2016

International Symposium on Open Collaboration

Robert Viseur interviendra lors de la conférence OpenSym 2016 qui se tiendra à Berlin du 17 au 19 août.

Date: 19 août 2016

Evènement: Interventions CETIC 

A propos du projet: Living Lab 

Creative Wallonia is a framework program that puts creativity and innovation at the heart of the redevelopment of Wallonia. In the context of Creative Wallonia, the Walloon government has decided to study the implementation of Living Lab pilot projects in Wallonia. The initiators required to identify two sectors in which the pilot phase could be addressed and conducted. This paper is dedicated to the sector selection methodology that was developed for the implementation of the Walloon Living Lab pilot projects. The paper is organized in three sections. In the first section we search for the criteria that could be used to select appropriate sectors. In the second section we present the developed methodology and the selection grid based on criteria. In the third section we discuss the grid and the results after application to the Walloon call for pilot projects. The contribution of the research consists in a methodology that allows to objectivize the choice of sectors that will be applied to the future Living Lab projects. Finally, a preliminary feedback about the living labs implementation is discussed.

Le papier peut être téléchargé sur le site de l’événement : A Sector-Selection Methodology for Living Labs Implementation.

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