Objective Accessibility Assessment of Public Infrastructures

Objective Accessibility Assessment of Public Infrastructures

C. Ponsard, V. Snoeck, ’Objective Accessibility Assessment of Public Infrastructures’, in proc. International Conference on Computer Helping People (ICCHP’06), LNCS 4061, Linz (Austria), July 2006.

Date: 13 juillet 2006

Publication: Publications scientifiques 

A propos du projet: FAUST 

More than 30% of the population are experiencing daily problems to access public infrastructures. Despite this, there is still no effective and widely adopted method to measure accessibility, inform users and incite managers to improve their infrastructure.
The Passe-Partout Index was designed which such goals in mind. Starting from a thorough accessibility requirements analysis accounting for obstacles related to various impairments, a complete set of measurable criteria and evaluation rules were developed. Those enable an precise, relevant, informative and objective assessment of the accessibility of public infrastructures.