Next-Generation Model-based Variability Management : Languages and Tools (Tutorial)

Next-Generation Model-based Variability Management : Languages and Tools (Tutorial)

Mathieu ACHER, Raphaël MICHEL, Patrick HEYMANS, Next-Generation Model-based Variability Management : Languages and Tools (Tutorial), in Proceedings of Journées GDR - GPL - CIEL 2012, Rennes, 19-21 juin 2012

Date: 19 juin 2012

Publication: Communication scientifique 


Ingénierie des systèmes IT complexes 

A propos du projet: CALiPro 

Auteur : Raphaël Michel

Variability modelling and management is a key activity in a growing number of software engineering contexts, from software product lines to dynamic adaptive systems. Feature models are the defacto standard to formally represent and reason about commonality and variability of a software system. This tutorial aims at presenting next generation of feature modelling languages and tools, directly applicable to a wide range of model-based variability problems and application domains. Participants (being practitioners or academics, beginners or advanced) will learn the principles and foundations of languages and tool-supported techniques dedicated to the model-based management of variability.