Network-based Social Coordination of Business Processes

Network-based Social Coordination of Business Processes

Z. Maamar, N. Faci, S. Sakr, Mohamed Boukhebouze, A. Barnawi. (2016), “Network-based Social Coordination of Business Processes”. Information Systems, Volume 58, June 2016, Pages 56–74

Date: 1er juin 2016

Publication: Publications scientifiques 


Science des données 

Domaine: Secteur numérique 

This paper presents a social coordination approach that addresses the issue of conflicts over resources during business process execution. A business process consists of tasks that persons and/or machines execute. The resources, that business processes require at run-time, are sometimes limited and/or not-renewable. The approach uses a set of social relations that connect tasks/persons/machines together. These relations are the basis of developing specialized networks that capture the interactions during business process execution and are used to recommend corrective actions when conflicts over resources occur. These actions are dependent on the properties of tasks, persons and machines properties which referred to as transactional, activity, and operational, respectively. A system that demonstrates the approach is also discussed.

A demonstration of the prototype is available here :