Integrating SMT solvers in Rodin

Integrating SMT solvers in Rodin

David Déharbe, Pascal Fontaine, Yoann Guyot, Laurent Voisin, Integrating SMT solvers in Rodin, Science of Computer Programming, 2014, ISSN 0167-6423.

Date: 29 avril 2014

Publication: Publications scientifiques 


Ingénierie des systèmes IT complexes 

A propos du projet: INOGRAMS 

Formal development in Event-B generally requires the validation of a large number of proof obligations. Some tools automatically discharge a significant part of them, thus augmenting the efficiency of the formal development. We here investigate the use of SMT (Satisfiability Modulo Theories) solvers in addition to the traditional tools, and detail the techniques used for the cooperation between the Rodin platform and SMT solvers.

Our contribution is the definition of a translation of Event-B proof obligations to the language of SMT solvers, its implementation in a Rodin plug-in, and an experimental evaluation on a large sample of industrial and academic projects. On this domain, adding SMT solvers to Atelier B provers reduces significantly the number of sequents that need to be proved interactively.

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