FlOSS Managed Data Sources Maturity Level : An attempt

FlOSS Managed Data Sources Maturity Level : An attempt

Frédéric Fleurial Monfils and Jean-Christophe Deprez, F/OSS Managed Data Sources Maturity Level : An attempt, In Proc. of 2nd Workshop on Software Evolution, Paris, France, Oct 1st, 2007.

Date: 1er octobre 2007

Publication: Communication scientifique 

A propos du projet: QualOSS 

Many organizations have started to integrate Free (libre) Open Source Software and are currently faced to the problem of selecting the components that meet their quality needs, in particular, regarding evolvability and robustness. Their assessment, is often performed via adhoc investigations on a few publicly available data sources such as newspaper and the internet because of a lack of time and methodology. This paper carefully identifies and describes the major electronic data sources and the information that can be extracted in order to help in the assessment of the evolvability (and maturity) level of FlOSS Projects.