Exporting Databases in XML : a Conceptual and Generic Approach

Exporting Databases in XML : a Conceptual and Generic Approach

Thiran P., Estiévenart F., Hainaut J-L., Houben G-J., Exporting Databases in XML : a Conceptual and Generic Approach, WISM’04 : Web Information Systems Modeling, Workshop at CAISE2004, The Sixteenth International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, CAiSE’04 Workshops Proceedings Volume 1, Riga, Latvia, 8 June 2004, p. 33-48, Riga Technical University.

Date: 8 juin 2004

Publication: Publications scientifiques 


Science des données 

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This paper describes a generic conceptual framework in which semantics-based XML DTD can be derived from existing, and more generally legacy, databases. It consists in first recovering the conceptual schema of the database through reverse engineering techniques, then in converting this schema, or part of it, into XML-compliant data structures. Both steps heavily rely on generic schema transformation tech- niques, while all the schemas involved in the whole process are expressed in a unique model, named GER. This approach is supported by a CASE environment.