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Enhancing the Accessibility for All of Digital Comic Books

C. Ponsard, V. Fries, "Enhancing the Accessibility for All of Digital Comic Books", International Journal on Human-Computer Interaction (eMinds), Vol I, No. 5, February 2009.

All over the world, "comic books" are very popular reading at all ages.
They are even sometimes referred to as the ninth art. Despite our increasingly
digital world, comics still remains creature of print and paper and ink.
While convenient in many aspects, this media does not fulfill all the needs
of a number of people, for example : mobile users, motor-impaired people
and low-sighted people and mobile users.

In this paper, we explore how a digital version of comic books can be
accessed optimally using a computer based interface. Among the
reading modes supported, an automated mode provides a
segmentation-based detection of panels and their display
in the relevant reading order. This enables accessibility with minimal
user interaction and maximal image size. An open-source prototype was
implemented and validated a in a number of operational contexts
such as PDA, gaming device, PC controlled through voice and remote-controlled TV.