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Energy related Goals and Questions for Cloud Services

Jean-Christophe Deprez and Christophe Ponsard, Energy related Goals and Questions for Cloud Services, Measurement and Metrics for Green and Sustainable Software (MeGSuS ’14), Rotterdam, October 6, 2014.

ICT energy efficiency is a growing concern. Large effort was already spent making hardware more energy efficient and aware. Although some effort are devoted to specific software areas like embedded/mobile systems, much remains to be done at software level especially for applications deployed in the Cloud. This paper proposes to help Cloud application developers to learn to reason about how much energy is consumed by their application on the server-side by applying a framework composed of (1) a Goal-Question-Metric analysis of energy goals, (2) a UML profile for capturing the energy goals, questions and related KPI metrics and (3) an automated Cloud deployment of the relevant energy probes for KPI monitoring and aggregation back to the question and goal level. The focus of this short paper is on the Goal-Question-Metric approach which can fit both the development of new applications or the migration of existing application to the Cloud. It is illustrated on the migration of a large scale news management system to the Cloud.