ASCETiC White Paper

ASCETiC White Paper

ASCETiC consortium, ASCETiC White Paper, September 2014.

Date: 22 septembre 2014

Publication: White papers 


Ingénierie des systèmes IT complexes 

Domaine: Energie et environnement 

A propos du projet: ASCETiC 

The increased usage of ICT, together with growing energy costs and the need to reduce greenhouse gases emissions call for energy-efficient technologies that decrease the overall energy consumption of ICT. So far, efforts in eco-efficiency have mainly targeted hardware and data center technologies. Less attention has been given to software eco-efficiency. Although it has a direct impact on system’s energy consumption ; software usually controls how computing equipment is utilized. Covering the full service life cycle, from application design, development, deployment and operation, as ASCETiC ambitions to do, is crucial to determine and optimize the energy usage of the complete system, considering software and hardware as an interrelated mechanisms.

ASCETiC project focuses on issues of energy efficient computing, specifically on design, construction, deployment and operation of Cloud services. It proposes novel methods and development tools to support software developers in monitoring and optimizing (minimizing it) the energy consumption resulting from developing and deploying software in Cloud environments.

ASCETiC Whitepaper

ASCETiC primary goal is to characterize the factors which affect energy efficiency in software development, deployment and operation. The approach focuses firstly on the identification of the missing functionalities to support energy efficiency across all cloud layers, and secondly on the definition and integration of explicit measurements of energy requirements into the design and development process for software to be executed on a Cloud platform.

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