Wireless laboratory

The wireless laboratory of CETIC provides access to several noteworthy equipment and tools dedicated to advanced development support of embedded systems. It is open to the enterprises for evaluation or specific tests; the ECS department can bring its expertise to assist enterprises if required

In order to significantly increase the probability for a project to be successful, it is mandatory to use the most appropriate tools and methods during all the project phases, from requirement engineering to support after delivery. When hardware is involved, the enterprises developing products face complex issues at several levels, especially with wireless technologies. In this case, they may encounter problems that are out of their scope of competences and tools, for example in cases of electromagnetic issues (propagation, EMC). Specific support tools and methods may be required to identify and fix these problems but also to prevent them during the test phases (“what if” scenarios).

Problems due to methodological or technical errors in the development process are very expensive to fix, especially for SMEs. On the other hand, access to the relevant tools and methods is difficult due to the high costs and specific know-how they require. The corresponding software and hardware means are expensive and often complex to use; their usage may be very limited in time for the enterprises because they are used for specific test phases, or only in case of problems. Tools are also often dedicated for one specific technology and must be multiplied to cover the different activities of the enterprise. The enterprises lack the time and means for mastering all these complex tools and methods. In such a case, they preferably call for external support by experts who are immediately operational.

The Wireless laboratory of the department has many development environments and specific measurement systems to lead these developments and to validate them. This laboratory is also accessible to companies for evaluations or specific tests (including access to software and platforms of prototyping, development and simulation of embedded systems…).

The team of the department can bring its knowledge of tools and assist companies during these phases.