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Technical Committee

The research decree published on July 3, 2008, defines the conditions and modalities for Walloon Research Centre accreditation. It states the Research Centre mission, which is to perform general industrial research that can be transferred to industry according to expressed needs and specificities.

In particular, the decree mandates the Research Centre conducts collaborative industrial research that is general enough to be of interest to companies with similar requirements.

The Centre’s areas of research are determined by these needs, coupled with the typology of the Walloon Region, under the guidance of a technical committee composed of representatives of corporations and industries.

In order to align research activities with industry needs, the Research Centre has set up a permanent technical committee in charge of validating the R&D strategy.

Composition of the CETIC Technical Committee

The mission and objectives of the Technical Committee

  • Advise the Board of Administrators and the General Manager on the scientific and technological objectives to develop according to the sector’s needs. The Committee works at the request of the General Manager, in particular for developing or updating CETIC’s strategic plan.
  • Evaluate, on request of the Board or the General Manager, proposals for new research directions. If relevant, the Committee proposes new business opportunities and/or research projects consistent with CETIC’s scientific and technological orientations.
  • Support CETIC in its continuous effort to remain an independent and internationally recognised applied research centre in ICT.
  • Advise CETIC management on research exploitation opportunities
    for CETIC projects that are ongoing or likely to be initiated.
  • Reporting annually to the CETIC Board of Administrators on its work and scientific achievements.