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Data Management

The Software and Services Technologies (SST) department covers key areas shaping the Future Internet : Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) – also known as the Programmable Web, Cloud Computing, Semantic Web, Big Data and Open Source software technologies.
CETIC helps companies to take advantage of the latest trends and technological advances in these fields and in particular to build scalable and flexible applications and infrastructures.

SST Services

SaaS feasibility audit
Research in Cloud Computing for Belgian SMEs.

Big Data Infrastructures

The promise of Big Data is the possibility of managing all the data available to companies by means of a scalable data management infrastructure. This infrastructure allows the management of the three Vs : the volume of data to be managed, the velocity (speed) at which the data should be processed, and the variety (heterogeneity) of data formats that should be taken into account. The advent of technology has made available abundant inexpensive storage resources, but they are often scattered and unstructured. As a result, database management systems, such as NoSQL databases, are (...)

Semantic Web resources

Exploiting Semantic Web resources is about linking together the increasingly large amounts of unstructured data and annotating them with meaningful information. CETIC masters the Semantic Web standards used to model, query and link data, as well as to create ontologies. CETIC also contributes towards powerful and interoperable content management solutions, which serve end-users or other software components. These skills have been used to analyze information extracted from the Internet in DeciWeb and PONTE, CETIC studied and modelled several health-related data sources as ontologies, and (...)

Search and indexation - Indexing Digital Content

Content indexing and knowledge extraction from unstructured data. This expertise allows to propose tailored search engines, and automated processes for data migration.

Semantic extraction from unstructured data Ablility to automatically extract content from Web pages, using reverse engineering techniques, while preserving the meaning of data. Hence, web based data migration is simplified, and tracking Web content like press releases, product catalogues, news, etc. gets easier. Creating tailored search engines CETIC is able to develop tailored search tools. Customisation allows for more comprehensive and fresh pages databases, to handle specific file types, as well as to implement semantic search capabilities. CETIC has a strong expertise in all the (...)