Smart and Clean Technologies for Logistics/Mobility Industry' Summit

Smart and Clean Technologies for Logistics/Mobility Industry’ Summit

Businesses within the logistics and mobility industry in Southeast Europe are invited to attend the upcoming conference "Smart and Clean Technologies for Logistics/Mobility Industry" promising to offer insights into the future of the sector, focusing on innovative technologies and strategies necessary for remaining competitive in the European market.

Date: 24 avril 2024

Evènement: Interventions CETIC 

Domaine: Transport & logistique 

The conference agenda is structured to maximize the transfer of cutting-edge knowledge and facilitate a deep dive into the standards and trends shaping global markets :

Morning Sessions :

  • Opening and Introductions : Kicking off with Raúl Cluster SEE, EERCI, and SEERRIN representatives welcoming the attendees.
  • Innovative Algorithms : Experts from CETIC explore advanced algorithms tailored to enhance logistics operations.

Midday Highlights :

  • Sustainable Transport : Alexander Burrows from Vanguard Sustainable Transport Solutions and the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education addresses decarbonization and digitalization.
  • Networking Opportunity : A midday break provides a chance for attendees to connect and discuss morning presentations.

Afternoon Insights :

  • National Association "Transport and Logistics" : Insights into Serbia’s logistics landscape are shared by Mr. Slavoljub Jevtić.
  • Tech-Forward Solutions : Mr. Claudio Salvadori of NGS-New Generation Sensors unveils IoT solutions poised to transform the industry.

The conference will wrap up with a collaborative discussion among participants, setting the stage for ongoing regional dialogue and subsequent events.

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