Service Oriented Architectures


Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) supports the development of complex and distributed software applications. It also supports modularity, and hence the reuse of software components. The quick adoption of Web-enabled mobile devices is creating a demand for more applications available via the Internet, which requires that significant architectural changes be made to software. SOA is also key to combining services to create more advanced service offerings.

CETIC has built up significant expertise in defining the architecture of Service Oriented Applications, and the re-architecturing of existing applications. With a specific focus on the needs of SMEs, in terms of simplicity, flexibility and innovation, CETIC can design and build solutions using the REST/stateless approach in Web services, workflow engines, enterprise service buses (ESB) and service composition using the semantic technologies (OWL-WS or WSMO).

CETIC is also involved as an expert on the Belgian mirror committee of ISO/
IEC JTC1/SC38: “Distributed Application Platforms and Services” (DAPS).