SaaS feasibility audit

Market interest into Software as a Service business model is a strong trend that affects all software vendors. For them, the challenge is to reach new markets, but also to retain customers who would impose in the future this model to their suppliers.

This service aims to help a software vendor in its thinking about the technical and economic feasibility of offering all or part of its bundled software in SaaS mode. Our approach is based on a questionnaire that helps identifying critical points that should be taken into consideration in order to base the decision on objective, documented and verified criteria. We propose to proceed in 3 phases and treat primarily the technological aspects in order to determine:

- The necessary changes to applications under the SaaS mode;
- The constraints of operating in terms of tools and computing capabilities and storage;
- The definition of the SLAs that the vendor wishes to offer its customers.

These elements will determine, in the second phase, the total cost of investment in applications, the recurrent costs of maintenance and rental costs of the infrastructure to power. These steps will allow, in a third phase, to explore business models that could ensure financial feasibility of the SaaS project via an analysis of profitability of the project.