Requirements Engineering

In the context of a software system, Requirements engineering (RE) is the process of discovering its purpose by identifying stakeholders and their needs, by documenting these in a form that can be analysed, communicated, and subsequently implemented. RE plays a critical and fundamental role within the software development process. Several studies have shown that it is one of the most critical success factors for on-schedule and within budget delivery of software projects. In today’s global development environment, it remains more important than ever to “get the requirements right”.

CETIC is actively helping enterprises in field related to requirements engineering by:

  • Improving RE practices through the audit of current RE process, the delivery of specific training, the development of company-tuned templates and coaching on concrete projects.
  • Assessing the quality requirements documents, identifying areas of problems (ambiguities, incompleteness, inconsistencies, etc.) and defining acceptance plan.
  • Conducting requirements analysis and producing precise requirements documents in a specific context, typically as part of an invitation to tender process.
  • Helping in the selection of an adequate solution based on functional and non-functional requirements, possibly also as part of evaluation of tenders.
  • Formal modelling at early stage and specific verification and validation activities, possibly as support for certification.