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Hybrid Hardware Architectures & FPGA


A FPGA is a hardware programmable circuit that offers huge possibilities in terms of architectural configurability and flexibility. It can dramatically simplify the design of circuit boards and make them more generic, particularly in terms of allowing input/output interface reconfiguration. But the FPGA has two significant drawbacks that limit its adoption : the level of expertise and the design time required. ECS studies the tools and techniques, like porting C to HDL, that will make it easier to develop HDLs, facilitate the use of FPGAs and shorten development time. In the POLCA (...)

Advanced Architectures

The increasing complexity of embedded systems can lead to performances that are not optimised, as well as unexpected issues that arise in the final stages of development. It is essential that the non-functional aspects of systems, like power consumption, reliable upgrade processes and overall performances with advanced architectures (multi-core, rich OS, etc.), be mastered at the design stage. The huge rise expected in the number of functionalities and the overall complexity of future embedded systems in the world of the IoT will require advanced design techniques, to the point where the (...)