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Wireless laboratory

The wireless laboratory of CETIC provides access to several noteworthy equipment and tools dedicated to advanced development support of embedded systems. It is open to the enterprises for evaluation or specific tests; the ECS department can bring its expertise to assist enterprises if required

In order to significantly increase the probability for a project to be successful, it is mandatory to use the most appropriate tools and methods during all the project phases, from requirement engineering to support after delivery. When hardware is involved, the enterprises developing products face complex issues at several levels, especially with wireless technologies. In this case, they may encounter problems that are out of their scope of competences and tools, for example in cases of electromagnetic issues (propagation, EMC). Specific support tools and methods may be required to (...)

Software Engineering Lab

In software development, the use of appropriate tools improves productivity and competitiveness. Often, free tools are limited and proprietary tools are expensive and difficult to master. The SSE department has set up a software engineering lab at the service of the enterprises. This laboratory includes a complete set of advanced tools that are mastered and made available to enterprises.

Have a proper software development tools can be difficult for several reasons : Lack of time to select the tools that are most appropriate to the needs The prohibitive cost of tools that can bring more benefits Lack of resources to properly configure the tools to form a powerful tool set.Main Tools The laboratory set up by CETIC covers the entire software lifecycle from requirements to testing. It focuses more specifically on advanced tools for code analysis of maintainability (documentation, complexity, quality of architecture), security (no vulnerabilities) or reliability (no error (...)