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Development of a framework for recovery of fault induced by the hardware during the software execution

Profil Etudiant en fin de master en informatique (possibilité de travail en binôme)
Prérequis Connaissance de C, Java, cours relatif aux compilateurs, notions de programmation fonctionnelle
Durée min 12 semaines, couplable avec un TFE


CETIC has developed a tool for hardening a C code. It consists of code transformation to detect hardware fault induced for example by overheating, cosmic rays or electrical interferences. This technique allows detecting error in order to preserve the safety of a system but it doesn’t contribute to the availability of the system. Yet a safety system must meet availability requirement. So in order to reach this requirement in an efficient way, a mechanism of fault recovery should be able to recover as soon as possible errors detected during the code execution.


The goal of this work is to build a fault recovery framework. To reach this goal, the first step will be to make a state of the art of the fault recovery techniques that can be applicable together with hardening technique. Then, the second step will be to design the framework for a subset of the C language that permit to implement this recovery mechanism. Based on this design the last step will be to devevelop an automatic transformation tool in order to apply this framework to an existing hardened code. The tool should be developed with a functional language such as OCAML or Scala.


The thesis can be coupled with a MS thesis in a university. The work will be performed within the department "Software and System Engineering"

Contact : Gautier Dallons (