Software Development Sizing

Many projects fail because their development effort has been incorrectly sized. This has a major impact on the project’s organisation and schedule. The risk of failure is even greater in the outsourcing market : for the customer, who expects a high-quality product having the required functionalities to be delivered on time ; and for the supplier, who must satisfy customer needs while achieving a reasonable profit margin.Retour ligne automatique
CETIC’s expertise in this area is founded on COSMIC (ISO/IEC 19761), a widely used method for estimating software functional size. The COSMIC function point estimation method is based on objective criteria. It allows measures to be repeated, and it is applicable to requirements documents early in the software life-cycle. Using the ISBSG project cost database, the functional size generated by COSMIC is then converted into development effort. With these estimates, project managers can plan and budget their development projects more accurately.