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Cloud Computing Automation

Cloud-ready software deployment

Cloud Computing is about scalability and flexibility, and requires specific software architectures. The deployment of the application also has to be taken into account from its inception. CETIC designs software architectures, which are ready to be deployed on countless servers. The ability to make the right choice of architecture or provider of the Cloud Computing infrastructure, is important when validating proofsof-concept which are vendor-independent andwhich take advantage of IaaS and PaaS (...)

Cloud infrastructure management

CETIC masters Cloud infrastructure managers, as well as open standards for infrastructure defi nition and interoperability. Cloud infrastructure managers are used to aggregate local and remote IT resources in order to provide scalable infrastructures as a service (IaaS). CETIC has worked for instance on implementation of self-adaptative infrastructures based on OpenStack orchestration capabilities.

Cloud Computing

Expertise Cloud computing is a concept that covers three distinct categories of Internet-based computing service delivery : Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Now that users and customers are increasingly accessing Web-based on-demand IT resources, significant variation is developing in the way the underlying infrastructure is used. The IaaS paradigm enables the flexibility necessary to accommodate this variation. By taking advantage of virtualisation, the computing infrastructure is now becoming part of the IT network. (...)