Big Data Programming Frameworks

The promise of Big Data is the possibility of managing all the data available to companies by means of a scalable data management infrastructure. This infrastructure allows the management of the three Vs: the volume of data to be managed, the velocity (speed) at which the data should be processed, and the variety (heterogeneity) of data formats that should be taken into account.

The advent of technology has made available abundant inexpensive storage resources, but they are often scattered and unstructured. As a result, database management systems, such as NoSQL databases, are responsible for handling huge amounts of data, as well as the required redundancy and load balancing capabilities. CETIC maintains a state of the art of distributed storage solutions and a taxonomy of
NoSQL databases, which enables CETIC to help companies fi nd the right storage solution based on the kind of data to be managed.
CETIC experiments with different Big Data installations and distributions, in order to deploy relevant use cases:

  • Data acquisition
  • Data variety management (unstructured data management)
  • Scalable data storage (NoSQL)
  • Data enrichment (indexation)
  • Search engines
  • Data visualisation
    CETIC contributes to research in this field and performs a constant technological survey. CETIC participates in the development and implementation of prototypes with its industrial partners.